The Abridged History of

Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Haddonfield, NJ


Mt. Olivet originated in 1891 in the home of Mary A. Rodney.  Prayer meetings were held in her home at 166 Ellis Street in Haddonfield, NJ.  As the congregation increased, prayer meetings were held in the Grove Street School House.


In June, a call was extended to the Reverend Jeremiah P. Gregory, who accepted and came from Virginia with his bride, then Nellie E. Gregory, to become the first Pastor. Interest and inspiration increased under the leadership of Reverend Gregory and the church grew spiritually and numerically. Baptisms were held in Cooper’s Creek and a lot at the corner of Douglas and Lincoln Avenues was purchased for the Church to be built.


June: The Church was recognized in June and taken into the fellowship of the
Camden Baptist Association. The First Baptist Church on Kings Highway, our mother church, gave great financial assistance.

November: The by-laws were written and registered with the City of Camden, NJ, and the main part of the Church was built and the debt canceled.


The parsonage was built and Rev. William Boone and his family was the first family to reside there with his family.

And We Continue to Grow...

From 1896 through the 1900’s the church continued to flourish. Numerous improvements were made to the church itself.  Installation of the Sunday School rooms, pews, carpeting, stained glass windows, and other subsequent donations continued to beautify the house of God.  Several members personally sacrificed financially to benefit the Church. Multiple Ministries were formed and many people's lives were touched through their works. God has richly blessed us and we look forward to seeing where He is taking us next!

Our Pastors

In June 1893, Reverend Jeremiah P. Gregory was called to be the 1st Pastor of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. He served as Pastor for 14 years, until 1907.

The subsequent pastors include:

Reverend W. L. Johnson,

Reverend H.H. Mitchell (served from 1912 - 1915),

Reverend William Boone (served from 1915 - 1922),

Reverend J.B. Randolph (served from 1923 - 1927),

Reverend William Brew (served from 1928 - 1931),

Reverend Richard Watkins (served from 1932 - 1937),

Reverend J.H. Talton (served from 1938 - 1969),

Reverend John B. Dicks (1969 - 2003),

and currently, our 10th Pastor, Reverend Anthony C. Talton, PhD, has served since April 2005.


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